Lessons are available covering a wide range of musical genres and playing styles. The list below shows the main guitar styles taught, the fundamental techniques and skill levels at which they’re taught.

On Acoustic Guitaracoustic guitar lessons

Styles – Pop, Blues, Folk, Rock, Jazz, Country, Gospel/Worship
Techniques – Strumming, Flat Picking, Hybrid Picking, Fingerstyle
Levels Taught– Beginners to Advanced on all styles

On Electric Guitarelectric guitar lessons

Styles – Pop, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Heavy Rock, Funk, Country
Techniques – Rhythm and Chord Work, Lead Techniques, Tapping Techniques, Fingerstyle, Hybrid Picking
Levels Taught – Beginner to Intermediate level

On Bass Guitarbass guitar lessons

Styles – Pop, Rock , Blues, Funk, Country
Techniques – Plectrum, Finger, Slap, Chords
Levels Taught – Beginner to Intermediate Level


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